Holistic Life Coaching

with Sarah - Lehi, UT

Offering Holistic Life Coaching, Reiki, Private Yoga & Meditation

Find the ROOT Cause of why you feel Stuck

  • Decrease and manage stress

  • Resolve your internal conflict

  • Create Harmonious Relationships

Reconnect with your REAL Purpose on Earth

  • Strengthen your Intuition

  • Improve confidence

  • Find Joy & Purpose in your Life Again!

Improve Wellbeing & Quality of Life

  • Awaken to higher states of awareness

  • A Path to Healing and transformation

  • Positively Balance Spirit, Mind & Body

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Meet Sarah...

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Benefits of Holistic Life Coaching...

Discover the toxic imprints and triggers that are holding you back from living in full alignment with your Spirit.

Heal Your Past & Follow Your Heart to Manifest the Life You Desire

Make Confident Choices Aligned your Passion and Purpose

Trust Your Intuition and take Inspired Leaps of Faith

Gain a deep understanding of how you’re creating your reality

Let your Soul Guide You to make changes that bring you lasting, profound and sustainable Inner Peace and Healing

Finally CREATE a life you truly LOVE!

Learn how to identify with the flow of pure energy!

Instead of walking around with tension and anxiety... walk around feeling love, openness, beauty and gratitude!

This is how Spirit feels...

Spirit always feels good, open and Light!

I will guide you to re-connect with your Soul's purpose and Gain Clarity by helping you find the part of yourself that is ready to heal, and get unstuck.

With over 22 years of Experience, I will intuitively guide you to deeper levels of Healing & Deep Understanding of how you are Creating your reality

Look no further!

You are exactly where you need to be!

Sarah's HOLISTIC Life Coaching Style is Different from others:

The Difference Between Sarah Yoga & Wellness Services and Other Studios is that Positive Energy - Spiritual Awakening - Transformation - and Focus on Improving Your Practice is our mission

We work together to re-Align Relationships at home and at work, and understand the ROOT cause of the problems (instead of just focusing on goals, mindset & coping mechanisms.)

PRIVATE Holistic Life Coaching can assist in Reducing Stress – Promote Meditative Focus – Increase Positive Balance of Spirit, Mind, and Body, and promote improved health, well-being, and quality of life.

How does it work?

As a part of each student's journey they should take responsibility to:

  • Develop the ability of self-motivation and inspiration through taking action to improve self and practice what they learn.

  • Create a disciplined and consistent Mindfulness practice at home to improve managing emotions.

  • Understand that the more they give to this program, and the more dedicated they are, the more value they will receive and the more results they will see.

  • Be open and honest about their issues and needs, keep agreements, and stay committed to Spiritual improvement

I offer packages of twelve (12).

Each package is good for 60 days.

*** I also recommend choosing to receive Private Yoga OR Reiki Energy Treatments in combination to Holistic Life Coaching in order to see better results***


If you have to reschedule or cancel a class - please do so 48 hours before your scheduled appointment for you to keep the appointment and have it rescheduled at no cost.

All scheduled and paid for appointments are reserved in the teacher's appointment book. Thank you in advance for your co-operation. All payments go towards keeping the Yoga and Wellness Studio in operation.

You will feel supported every step of the way!

This Program is for you IF...

Do you feel stuck but don't know why?

Do you want more but don't know how to create the change you need?

Do you have everything you 'thought' you wanted, but still feel something is missing and you are searching for more, but don't know how to take your Spiritual healing to deeper levels?

The practices, teachers, and coaches you have tried bring temporary relief, but sooner or later, the craving for meaning and purpose just comes back?

There is a subtle internal conflict you feel within you... but you can't figure out WHY?

I understand how you feel...

IF you choose to learn from the crisis and embrace what your Soul is calling for...You CAN come out empowered and centered!

All your Heart’s desires fall into place when you

make Healing & Spiritual growth a your priority in your Life!

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Complimentary Consultation...

This is my promise to you...

This program will help you feel calm, grounded, peaceful and aligned with your soul.

You will gain a deep understanding of the ROOT Cause of your suffering and learn to transform it into growth and transformation.

I will walk with you every step of the way leaving no stone un-turned to help you find the inner peace you are looking for.

You will feel supported every step of the way!

Sarah Ceo

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

About Sarah...

People come to me when they've tried everything else and need to make a powerful switch from the inside out...

I will help you make Soul-Aligned choices and set boundaries at home and at work without fear.

If you have tried different paths and styles of Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Self-Help books, Podcasts, Life coaches and Spiritual teachers, etc. but still feel you have not found what you are looking for...


With over 22 years of experience, I will intuitively guide you to new paradigms of deep understanding, and help you bring your Spirit, mind and body to a place of Positive Balance in a very PRACTICAL way!

If you are looking for a true, loving, patient and kind Spiritual Teacher, who can teach you The Way for REAL... Look no further!

I have built the skills that are actually required to help others for REAL!

I WALK the Path I Teach…

Now I lead my students with confidence and fearlessness, because I’ve done the work myself.

You will feel supported every step of the way!

Training & Certifications:

Sarah has done over 13 years of Monastery Style Training, intense inner and outer of personal healing, transformation, awakening, growing, transcending, studies, practice, taking action, and letting go many people, places, and things was certified as: A Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Life Coach, and an Advanced Yoga Teacher.

Meet Sarah...

What Students are saying...

"I can't even describe the feeling of joy, peace and contentment I feel after this program!"

- Aneesa T.

"I felt completely safe and non-judged, and this allowed me to give myself permission to be honest with myself"

- Michelle H.

"I feel like every interaction we have is Sacred"

- Rebecca H.

"I had everything a person would have wished for... But still this nagging feeling that something was missing... Now I don't have that feeling anymore!"

- Luba S.

"In three months you will learn how to Navigate your life... This course will help you at home, and in your job, and with everything!"

- Lyzzette G.

"I have better relationships with my family. I do not carry the stress anymore... I no longer feel heavy and tight in my chest"

- Renata K.

"I just knew in my heart I had to work with Sarah"

- Tammy P.

"If you have been searching for something like this, just take the leap of faith and do it."

- Rosanne C.

Holistic Life Coaching

with Sarah - Lehi, UT

Sarah Ceo

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

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