Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

with Sarah in Lehi, UT

Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

  • Decrease and manage stress

  • Enhance personal awareness - see things more clearly

  • Improve the chakras

Holistic Life Coaching

  • Strengthen your Intuition

  • Improve confidence

  • Find Joy & Purpose in your Life Again!

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Meet Sarah...

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How Can Reiki Help People...

When some one receives the energy, it goes to wherever it is needed to replenish the person's energy balance.

Enhance personal awareness - seeking things more clearly.

The person who receives the energy feels relaxed.

The receiver of the energy can feel less stressed and/or more energized depending on their mental balance.

In some people, it brings to their awareness issues that need to be taken action to improve.

Forgotten memories of suffering or past trauma can come to their awareness to get an opportunity to resolve the issues or not.

Promote creativity.

Strengthen the person’s energy balance.

Strengthen intuition.

Strengthen the human biological system.

Relieve pain.

The person’s negative emotional feelings can be stirred up and come to their awareness to be resolved or not.

Improve the chakras (human energy vortex).

Use as a first aid to decrease blood flow in cuts.

Improve wellness in plants and animals.

And other individual personal experiences.

Look no further!

You are exactly where you need to be!

Offering Reiki, Holistic Life Coaching, Private Yoga & Meditation

The Difference Between Sarah Yoga & Wellness Services and Other Studios is that Positive Energy - Spiritual Awakening - Transformation - and Focus on Improving Your Practice is our mission.

Reiki Treatments & Holistic Life Coaching can assist in Reducing Stress – Promote Meditative Focus – Increase Positive Balance of Spirit, Mind, and Body, and promote improved health, well-being, and quality of life.

When Receiving The Treatment...

The person receiving the treatment might experience energy circulating in and around their body.

Warm or cold internal sensations, and the external room might feel cold or very hot.

They might fall asleep. If the person is asleep or awake they will still receive the energy.

Have different levels of dreams.

Feel like they are floating.

Receive perceptive messages.

Remember things they had forgotten.

Solve some issue they were trying to resolve.

Experience feelings of sadness or joy.

Some people say they feel nothing. This can happen if someone lives is a disconnected place. After many treatments, the person might feel safe enough to start to feel.

And many more experiences depending on how many treatments the person receives and the level of Reiki the practitioner can access.

More treatments and high clear quality Reiki energy gives the most improved benefits.

Before EVERY person enters the studio, they are smudged outside with five cleansing and purifying herbs in an incense pot.

Smudging can assist in cleansing the aura (outside layers) of the person's energy field/body. This begins the relaxation process and letting go of stress.

The Reiki treatment is done by the practitioner with the person/client FULLY clothed and laying on a massage table.

The person is then covered with a sheet. The room has crystals and essential oils permeating around for aromatherapy, as a part of the experience.

Each private session is 2 hours including Holistic Life Coaching

The first step is to do one (1) trial session.

Afterwards, I work on packages of 12 sessions.


If you have to reschedule or cancel a class - please do so 48 hours before your scheduled appointment for you to keep the appointment and have it rescheduled at no cost.

All scheduled and paid for appointments are reserved in the teacher's appointment book. Thank you in advance for your co-operation. All payments go towards keeping the Yoga and Wellness Studio in operation.

You will feel supported every step of the way!

Please choose to take all your appointment opportunities as a very important part of your life. This is not the Reiki practitioner's responsibility. The practitioner is available to help and assist you with what YOU CHOOSE.

The Reiki professional gives to the person/client Reiki energy treatment and Holistic Life Coaching skills to assist with improving whatever issue the person/client presents.

The Reiki practitioner does NOT look for things to tell the person/client to do. Based on what the person/clients presents, there will be homework given at each session for the person/client to take action to do to possibly improve the situation.

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Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

with Sarah in Lehi, UT

Preparing to come receive a Reiki Treatment...

  • Wear clean clothing.

  • Dress in layers - because internal temperature of the body and room temperature could change.

  • Bring a warm fleece jacket.

  • Wear or bring clean socks.

  • Wear loosely fit comfortable clothing.

  • Do not wear perfume.

  • Come with an open mind and attitude.

  • Come prepared to ask questions, express concerns and things you would like to change/transform in attitude and life style.

Healing Treatment Awareness:

Reiki treatments facilitated at Sarah Yoga & Wellness are for humans on a Spiritual path who are ready, willing and able to take action to make the changes in attitude and life style that can support healing, transformation and change.

When someone receives the Reiki energies, especially after three Reiki treatments cycle, it gives opportunities to: experience/feel/ remember past and/or present suffering, trauma, and negative experiences.

When this happens the healing energies are going to where they are needed to give opportunities for the person to present to the Reiki practitioner the issues to begin the process of resolving and transforming the negative stories and experience into peace.

If the person does not choose to present the issues the energy will go towards multiplying whatever the person chooses. Reiki energy does not automatically control, manipulate, or create healing without the person choosing to take action and present their perceived issues for help.

Most times, the person needs to see a mental health doctor/professional, and use other styles of healing process in order to long term transform and improve the negative imprints, depending on how deep the negative imprints are. THIS IS WHERE THE HOLISTIC LIFE COACHING PART OF THE SESSIONS CAN BE USEFUL - THIS IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE SESSION.

Reiki energies, soften, stir up, bring to awareness, give awareness, and give opportunities for change, transformation, and healing; but the healing will not progress in this direction if the person chooses to, NOT want to, OR is not willing to do the work, and present issues.

The person taking action it is very important for Reiki energy healing to improve anything, so that healing and transformation can occur. All healing happens within a person. A person can only change themselves, so when someone changes themselves, from within, everything else around can change and be experienced at a renewed perspective.

All your Heart’s desires fall into place when you

make Healing & Spiritual growth a your priority in your Life!

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I look forward to an Enlightening Journey Together!

How it Works...

Each session is 2 hours (120 minutes) long.

Each 2-hour session includes the Reiki with crystals and aromatherapy, plus Holistic Life Coaching.

FIRST --- It is suggested that a person should first TRY ONE - 2 hour - session of a Reiki treatment to see if they like the experiences of the process and working with the style of the practitioner.

***For the initial appointment please complete the form below to schedule a call with Sarah to Learn more.

After the initial trial session, for each package of 12 that is purchased there are saving/discount opportunities for the client/person

For the most long term benefits from Reiki it is recommended that the student receives a Reiki Energy Healing Treatment a minimum of 2 times per week.

The journey and process of healing and transformation are for those who are ready to make their spirit, mind, and body a priority. Healing treatments helps and assist people in starting the renovation process of themselves.

This is an investment that you can never lose, but gain more vitality and improvements. The only thing that is taken with a person when they die is what is within their spirit and soul records. Try now to improve something about yourself. Why wait until it is too late to try.

TRY NOW! This is your opportunity and choice. Amen.

Sarah Ceo

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher,

Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

Reiki Energy Healing Treatments with Sarah in Lehi, UT

About Sarah...

Sarah has done over 13 years of Monastery Style Training, intense inner and outer of personal healing, transformation, awakening, growing, transcending, studies, practice, taking action, and letting go many people, places, and things was certified as: A Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Life Coach, and an Advanced Yoga Teacher.

People come to me when they've tried everything else and need to make a powerful switch from the inside out...

If you have tried different paths and styles of Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Self-Help books, Podcasts, Life coaches and Spiritual teachers, etc. but still feel you have not found what you are looking for...


I will intuitively guide you to new paradigms of deep understanding, and help you bring your Spirit, mind and body to a place of Positive Balance in a very PRACTICAL way!

If you are looking for a true, loving, patient and kind Spiritual Teacher, who can teach you The Way for REAL... Look no further!

I have built the skills that are actually required to help others for REAL!

I WALK the Path I Teach…

Now I lead my students with confidence and fearlessness, because I’ve done the work myself.

You will feel supported every step of the way!

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What Students are saying...

"I can't even describe the feeling of joy, peace and contentment I feel after this program!"

- Aneesa T.

"I felt completely safe and non-judged, and this allowed me to give myself permission to be honest with myself"

- Michelle H.

"I feel like every interaction we have is Sacred"

- Rebecca H.

"I had everything a person would have wished for... But still this nagging feeling that something was missing... Now I don't have that feeling anymore!"

- Luba S.

"In three months you will learn how to Navigate your life... This course will help you at home, and in your job, and with everything!"

- Lyzzette G.

"I have better relationships with my family. I do not carry the stress anymore... I no longer feel heavy and tight in my chest"

- Renata K.

"I just knew in my heart I had to work with Sarah"

- Tammy P.

"If you have been searching for something like this, just take the leap of faith and do it."

- Rosanne C.

Reiki Energy Healing Treatments

with Sarah in Lehi, UT

In addition to Reiki Treatments,

I also offer:

200 & 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Programs

Private Yoga & Meditation Classes

Holistic Life Coaching

and much more!!!

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Welcome to the REAL Path of Love & Light!

Sarah Ceo

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Holistic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

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I look forward to an Enlightening Journey Together!